climbing gym “project”


Weekday: 15:00-23:30
Weekend & Public Holiday: 12:00-21:00
Close on Monday (Tuesday when Monday is public holiday)


Address: 224-0054
417 Saedo-cho, Tsuzuki-ku Yokohama City, Kanagawa
Phone: 045-532-3499

Parking: Available for about 18 cars. If it’s full, please use parking lots around Kamoi Station.

By train
7-minute walk from the Kamoi Station, JR Yokohama Line


Registration Fee¥ 1,030
One-day, Adult¥ 2,060
Night, Adult¥ 1,650*entry after 8pm
One-day, Student¥ 1,550*Student ID required
Night, Student¥ 1,240
Starter Package¥ 3,100Including registration fee, one day fee, short lesson, shoes & chalk rental.
Please bring your socks.
Daytime Discount, Adult¥ 1,500*15:00-18:00 only on weekday
11 One-Day Coupon¥ 20,570No expiration date.
You can share with the registered climbers.
You can use night coupons in daytime by paying additional ¥ 410.
11 Night Coupon¥ 16,450
11 One-Day Student Coupon¥ 15,430
11 Night Student Coupon¥ 12,340
Membership - one month,
Student Membership - 40 days
¥ 14,360
(¥ 14,000)
5% off for the items of Evolve, Asana, Inga, Musashi and Dai Hold products. (Items above ¥ 1,000)
Membership - 3 months¥ 36,000
(¥ 35,000)
Student Membership - 3 months¥ 27,780
(¥ 27,000)
Membership – 6 months¥ 66,860
(¥ 65,000)
10% off for the items of Evolve, Asana, Inga, Musashi and Dai Hold products. (Items above ¥ 1,000)
Student Membership – 6 months¥ 42,250
(¥ 41,100)
Annual Membership¥ 123,450
(¥ 120,000)
Annual Student Membership¥ 80,250
(¥ 78,000)
No additional registration fee is required for transition to other membership categories after your long-term membership is expired.


Shoes¥ 310We kindly request that you wear socks with our rental shoes. Socks are available in our shop.
Chalk¥ 210
Wear¥ 520T-shirt & pants, with variety of sizes.
Full rental pack¥ 1,030
Shower ¥ 310Towel rental, hair dryer, shampoos included.

For the starters

We offer a special package for the first timers as ‘Starter Package’, including short lesson, shoes rental and chalk rental. No reservations are required. Just come and have fun!!

For your safety

1.Remove rings/watches when climbing. Safety box is available.
2.Be sure to have your nails shorten. Long nails might sometimes cause serious injuries. Nail clipper is available at the reception.